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It is not necessary for a musical instrument to be in concert pitch;
so long as it is in tune with itself and played well, it sounds great!

Ronan Flood

If you want a team to work well together, there needs to be an understanding of all the styles within that team; starting with your own style and extending to an acceptance of all the other styles in the room.

Then we look at how the team communicates as a unit. What’s the candour like? How do we hold each other accountable? How do we support each other and call unacceptable behaviours? This helps develop a “Team Voice”, rather than those of a bunch of individuals.

Once we have a team voice we can address how that voice lands in the wider business. Who are our Stakeholders and how well do our communications work with these people?

This often leads to the construction of team charter or strategy for external team communication and stakeholder management.

“Ronan is a gifted coach, communicator and trainer with an abundance of natural talent and a strong vocation for building those around him.

I first observed Ronan’s impact indirectly, through a colleague’s effusive praise of the support he gave her and her new team during a period of significant change. I also observed first hand as he helped technically minded experts strengthen their communication skills and transaction oriented teams expand their leadership awareness and capabilities. He has a unique ability to connect across junior and senior audiences at both an individual or group level as well as across both technical and conceptual disciplines.”

Jeff Courtney
Head of Portfolio & Planning, Commercial Bank, Metro Bank

Coaching is the facilitation of another person’s “ah ha!” moment. The moment when they realize that they themselves have been standing in their own way. The power of that moment lies in its support of decision. Decision to continue to believe that which has kept me here, or to set it aside and strike out for horizons new.

Facilitating another person’s decision-making process is a powerful experience and even more so when you help them to do the same for someone else.

I facilitate “ah ha” moments with my clients and I help to build coaching capabilities in my client organisations through coaching engagements and training initiatives.

“Ronan has partnered with me to introduce learning solutions and senior management development programmes in Ulster Bank. His gravitas with delegates, knowledge of coaching and learning in general and dedication to supporting and empowering delegates to up their game were key highlights to working with Ronan.

Ronan has always been keen to ensure there is a return on investment for any areas where he has helped and has worked with myself and business stakeholders on ensuring Learning has transferred and individuals have seen a change for the good.”

Barry Mulcahy
Learning Partner (HR) at Ulster Bank

A well-delivered keynote speech can be evocative, thought provoking and can rouse an audience into action. At the very least it will stimulate debate on the topic it explores.

I have been honored to address client organisations on topics such as Resilience, Leading Through Change, Personal Brand and even the mental and physical fortitude involved in completing an Ironman triathlon.

I am an extremely energetic communicator that evokes intense engagement in a topic and elicits deep conversation and sharing of ideas.

“My experience of working with Ronan Flood as a professional consultant was back in 2010. I had been working as OD manager in Hogla- Kimberly Clark and lead Key Talent process with special system called ‘People Tree’. Ronan helped us with everything along the process including: learning the tool capabilities, he also set with the relevant managers for a feedback session regarding their personal report here in Israel.

Ronan is an excellent professional consultant. He knew the materials and was always ready to help, willingly and with a smile.”

Hilit Paz Lachower
VP of Human Resources at Priority Software Ltd.