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The nature of a fast paced business environment means that teams need to hit the ground running and accelerate toward performance no matter the size nor sector of the parent organisation. Meet some of teams that have benefited from my services.

Any tool that deepens the understanding and appreciation of a
person, enhances their efforts and expedites improvement.

If you want to build a sustainable team, consider these tools.

And of course I can help you here!


I use this profiling tool to raise my clients awareness around How they prefer to get things done.

It explores how we respond to problems and challenges and how we prefer to build relationships and interact with others.

It explores how we respond to changes in the pace of our work and also how we respond to rules and regulations imposed upon us by others.


I use this profile to help my clients explore Why they do things the way they do. It explores our attitude toward learning, our drive for practicality, our search for beauty and creative expression as well as our compassion and motivation for helping others.

It explores our endeavour to be accepted as a unique individual and our system of living.


I use this profile to help my clients assess their awareness around their own emotional states and those of others.

We also explore how readily they regulate their responses to these emotions in a positive manner.


Comprising of 23 business-related competencies, I use this profile to help my clients to explore which competencies have been developed and to what level.

It is an extremely effective development tool when the role has also been benchmarked.

Skills gaps become obvious and targeted development plans are easily constructed.


Everyone’s brain has a unique thought process or model through which they filter and assess their views of the world. These patterns of thought determine the natural talents that people bring to any situation or role.

This profile explores the decision making process of a client and helps that client devise strategies to apply their patterns of thought in the most productive way.

Multiple-Science Assessment

Each science is compatible with the others. From a single online questionnaire, it is possible to construct a multi-science profile.

This deepens our understanding and appreciation of the person and enables us to address specific areas for development, in a targeted way, from multiple perspectives.